How to become a volunteer

Everybody wants to save the world, but no one wants to help mother with the dishes.

People in need do not need as much money. They need our eyes, hands, legs, hearts ...

Mother Teresa

Become a volunteer

Help others and enjoy the good feeling

A am in!

What is the Humanity Programe?

A program designed for all students with a big heart who want to use their free time meaningfully and help others whether in their own country or abroad. It includes a portal linking nonprofit organizations with potential volunteers, which facilitates communication between organizations and young people.

Why we do it?

Both ACSA and partner SRVS are focused on supporting young people and their volunteer activities. We believe that students can (and want) to spend time on a "good deed", and that many of them already want to help but do not know how to get involved effectively.

Who is a „volunteer“ for us?

Any young person, whether a student or a practitioner, who is interested in engaging in volunteer (ie, non-profit) activities. Activities can be of a diverse nature - ranging from irregular, short-term assistance to regular or long-term assistance. Simply put, you can get involved, whether you want to help twice a month in your city, or feel good for a half-year visit to a developing country.

How does it work?

Those interested in volunteering will create a profile in which they will determine what activities they are interested in, what their time posibilities and experiences are.

Nonprofit organizations put their preferences and requirements for volunteers into the system.

The volunteer will only receive relevant offers from certified nonprofit organizations, check details and, if interested, apply for the activity.

The portal will then interconnect organizations with volunteers who have the most relevant experience for the particular activity.

The organization will then contact the volunteers and agree on the details.

Part of the system is also the assessment of organizations and the mediation of the experiences of students who have already been involved in some activities.

Why to engage to the program?

It is easier to get information on the possibilities of going abroad. You will be sure that the organizations we offer are high-quality and proven. We offer a wide range of volunteer activities in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Become a volunteer

Help others and enjoy the good feeling.

I am in!